A Series 1.0 – 3.8t Internal Combustion CounterBalanced Forklift Truck

Valuing productivity and efficiency, these fuel-powered series have the new appearance that also proves comfort and safety.

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The improved new outline, safety, comfortability, and reliability; provide better performance to this truck. It has more comfortable features, from smaller steering wheel, extra space for foot and operator space, wider forward visibility.

Product Features






The aluminum ribbon-tubular radiator with large capacity and the optimized cooling system fu rther enhance the heat dissipation capability of the whole truck to ensure the reliability of the engine.

Based on around 10 years Nissan technology applied on HC trucks, and HANGCHA own R and H series, the new A series is fully own researched truck. The improved new outline, satety, comfortability, and reliability, all these provide better performance to the trucks.

Thanks to the long wheelbase design, the longitudinal stability of whole truck is improved, the residual load capacity at same height is improved greatly. At the same time, it prolongs the working life time of steering tyre by reducing the rear axle load.


Applied the advanced outline designing method, the truck is designed with stream, sporty outline, and thanks to the new design, all the exposed parts are metal made. which is firm and reliable.

The same ergonomic technology as R series has been adopted. The smaller steering wheel, extra space for foot and operator space, wider forward visibility, all these improve operator’s comfort and release operator’s fatigue.

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