X Series 5.0-10t Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Forklift Truck

The forklift for energy conservation and environmental protection with fully improved reliability and stability.

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It has radiator that adopts aluminous plate-fin with better performance and higher structural strength. Impendent oil radiator, optimized oil and water heat dissipation channel and double ventilation holes on counterweight can greatly improve cooling efficiency and reliability of overloaded operation and ensure reliable operation of the engine.

Product Features

It has steering oil circuit and brake oil circuit independent of each other, means that it reduces the interference of the brake on the steering and the hydraulic braking system is safe.

Optimized air intake and exhaust system of full vehicle, high-capacity exhaust silencer and high-effect intake silencer will reduce the noise of full vehicle and reduce the vibration.

Newly-developed LCD instrument has more comprehensive functions and more stable performance and entirely displays the full vehicle running state, trouble diagnosis and other important information, which can make the operator more intuitively and conveniently have a better knowledge of vehicle state and make the maintenance conveniently.

The design of steering wheel of small diameter and electro-hydraulic reversing as well as the car-type double-handle combination switch will greatly improve the driving comfort.

Adoption of new generation integrated electric box makes maintenance and repair convenient, layout becomes more reasonable and with better water-proof performance.


Thanks to the steering oil circuit and the brake oil circuit are independent of each other, thereby reducing the interference of the brake on the steering, the hydraulic braking system is very safe.

The system is equipped with electro-hydraulic proportional sectional valve of world-renowned brand, silent gear pump, pilot electric control handle, and AC oil pump motor. The load sensing hydraulic system reduces continuous load on oil pump motor; the remote electric control operating mode is simple, easy, and flexible. Several hydraulic pressure detection points are added to simplify maintenance and service work.

Energy Conservation and environmental Protection

The transmission system gets the maximum performance from the engine without reaching high revolutions, which provides fuel saving, noise level reduction and engine life increase.

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