XF Series 1.0-3.5t Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Forklift Truck

This forklift is versatile because of its higher load capacity, making is usable for any kind of working environment without compromising safety. It has optimal visibility in all directions to create best conditions for high productivity through relaxed operations.

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Product Features

In addition to rubber damper between frames and steering axle, compound engine damper and full floating power train achieve flexible connection between frames and driving system, as a result, traveling vibrations and vibrations from the driving system are significantly reduced

In developing the new XF Series, comfort and ease of operation is carefully considered, for example, to improve vibration levels, compound engine damper and full floating power train are adopted. Comfortable operating environments for operator also contribute to increased productivity

The new vehicle controller integrates all electrical components, features excellent durability for temperature, water and vibration for most demanding operation

The new stamped air cleaner featuring tangential intake, double seal with safety filter is durable, corrosion-free and vibration-resistant, provides better filter efficiency and lower intake resistance than the previous

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