A Series Stand-on Reach Truck 2.0 – 2.5t

This forklift has comfortable design to make getting on and off easy and safe. It has floor height of 258 millimeters that is convenient to operators. It has good stability as it has suspension control system effectively reduces the shake when turning, lifting and moving forward and backward.

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The new A series 2.0-2.5t standing driving forward-moving type is a new product developed by the company for different market needs. The ergonomically-designed comfortable vehicle has wide operating vision and a stable control system, and is further optimized and improved in terms of configuration, parameter, performance, safety, cost, etc., 

Product Features

Operator’s Compartment

Safe pedal: when the pedal is released, traveling is stopped, and only hydraulic operation is enabled

New designed mast and the large open steel roof provide super visibility and safety

Charging plug inside operator’s compartment, this eliminates the need to disconnect the plug from battery, enhancing ease of operation (Std.)

Forks can tilt forward/backward for easy loading

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