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3 Wheel Forklift X Series

New series of high-efficiency, energy-saving small-tonnage electric counterbalanced forklifts with a new structure that represents a breakthrough over the traditional design concept

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With a compact structure, small turning radius and light weight and high maneuverability, the truck is widely used in narrow operation places, like handling between floors, to and from elevators or in warehouses, supermarkets, workshops, etc.

The front wheel is equipped with patterned rubber tires so it is not easy to slip on the ground with water, sand, slope and cold storage.

Product Features

New and efficient features to guarantee a smooth, safe and productive operations. It is designed to provide sustainable solutions to your needs.

Forklift Wide View Mast

Wide View Mast

Forklift LED Meter

LED Meter

Forklift Built in Charger

Built in Charger

Forklift Signal Light


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