Established as the First and Only Material Handling Equipment Arm of Distinguished Companies, Velco Asia Management Corporation and Toplis Solutions Group.

Noble Philippines is built to address the needs of businesses that rely on the power of material handling equipment. The company’s philosophy is to ensure prompt attention to our customers’ requirements coupled with strong after-sales service at competitive prices. Noble Philippines’ ever-pervading motto, quality is our priority, stems from our pledge to assure our customers maximum returns on investments.

Noble Philippines Embraces Collaboration With Hangcha

As a forklift distributor, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient material handling equipment in various industrial settings. Hence, Noble Philippines has partnered with a global brand and have specially curated a comprehensive fleet of reliable and efficient material handling equipment for various industrial settings. Our partnership with Hangcha reflects our dedication to providing you, our esteemed clients, with world-class industrial forklift trucks.

Who is Hangcha?

Hangcha Ltd. stands as one of China’s finest forklift manufacturer, boasting an impressive 67-year legacy in the industry. Hangcha’s commitment to excellence is evident in its extensive product range, including internal combustion forklifts ranging from 1.0 to 48.0 tons, and electric counterbalance forklifts from 1.06 to 48 tons.

Hangcha Forklift Trucks has successfully established a global presence, with several awards and recognitions glued to their name. It joins other big companies in the list of 1000 “Biggest Enterprises,” top 500 “Most Competitive, and the top 500 “Biggest Private Enterprises” in China. Globally, they clinch the 8th position in sales volume, as acclaimed by Modern Material Handling magazine.

Hangcha is one of the frontrunners of forklift innovation, with recent focus on manufacturing large-tonnage and lithium-ion forklifts, showcasing their dedication to sustainable material handling equipment solutions. In 2021 alone, Hangcha Group sold nearly 110,000 electric forklifts, representing a significant tread towards greener initiatives.

Noble Philippines and Hangcha Showcase Forklift Excellence in the 2022 WORLDBEX Event

In an exciting collaboration with China’s best, Noble Philippines promises our clients a synergy of quality, innovation, and reliability, offering business in the Philippines cutting-edge solutions for their varying forklift requirements.

That we did in the previous building and construction exposition held last 2022. Teasing an impressive display, Noble Philippines proudly showcased four state-of-the-art Hangcha forklifts, providing a glimpse into the power and efficiency that defines this strategic partnership.

Taking Center Stage at the 2023 Transport and Logistics Event

As one of the leading forklift distributors in the country, the company was more than excited to take part in the country’s premier Transport and Logistics exhibition. With a mission to showcase top-notch forklifts, Noble Philippines demonstrated the prowess of Hangcha Forklifts emphasizing their quality and global standards.

Noble Philippines’ dynamic participation aligns with their commitment to being a one-stop-shop for material handling equipment, offering businesses in the Philippines access to world-class forklift solutions. Moving forward, Noble Philippines will continue to be a key player in the distribution of Hangcha products.



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Noble Philippines is a trusted forklift provider of comprehensive forklift solutions across a spectrum of industries. With a wide array of products and services, we cater to the unique needs of businesses in retail, manufacturing, port/terminals, and logistics industries. Our commitment is to be a strategic partner, unlocking possibilities and driving success across these industries. Trust Noble Philippines to elevate your operational capabilities and propel your business towards new heights of success.

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