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Forklifts With Lithium-Ion Batteries Are Reshaping The Material Handling Landscape

Lithium-Ion batteries, or Li-Ion, are energy sources widely used due to their ability to provide reliable and long-lasting power. These things last longer than regular batteries, making them a good choice for multi-shift operations. While a lightweight material, it contains very high energy density and is able to power up a great majority of everyday technology, like phones and vehicles—forklift trucks even.

Lithium-ion Batteries Prove Forklift Energy Efficiency

World-Best Hangcha Explores Lithium-Ion Technology with Global Leader CATL

Hangcha grabbed the opportunity to research and develop better forklift technology, and had partnered with CATL, a globally-acclaimed pioneer in the manufacturing of lithium-ion battery packs, in the making of their lithium-ion forklift series. This collaboration has paved the way for groundbreaking advances in Hangcha’s forklift lineup with improved energy efficiency, extended operational lifespans, and faster charging capabilities. Not only do these innovations elevate the performance of Hangcha forklifts, it also contributes to environmentally-conscious practices, aligning with the global shift towards sustainable and high-performance material handling solutions.

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Lithium-Ion Forklift Battery: A Powerhouse Discovery Built for the Future

Two primary energy sources battle it out in the forklift industry in terms of impact on forklift efficiency: Lithium-Ion and Lead Acid batteries. Like any other upfront business expenses, electric forklift batteries are among the significant costs companies have to carefully consider.

For this reason, the need to deliberate on which between Lithium-Ion and Lead Acid batteries is better has become a pressing matter for a number of companies. Let’s form a comparison between the two:

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