Noble Philippines joins this year’s biggest building and construction exposition hosted by WorldBex

Noble Philippines joins its first trade show event - Featured Image

Noble Philippines, home to quality forklifts, EVs, and tractors, came fully armed with its finest machinery at the annual Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition held at the SMX Convention Center, Manila, last August 31 to September 03 2022.

Award for Noble Philippines Inc.

The Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition (WorldBEX) is the largest known exhibition space showcasing the new trends and innovations in the building, designing, and construction industry. 

After two years of conducting online activities due to the COVID19 crisis, this year, it held its 25th trade show on the grounds of the World Trade Center, Pasay, and the SMX Convention Center, Manila. It is said that the event hosted over 700 distinguished exhibitors coming from different sectors and tallied more than 180,000 registrants. These numbers are a testament to just how truly a big of an event it was.

As any other pioneering digital community with a notable following, it is only natural that WorldBEX is rendered as the most sought out development exposition businesses never want to miss out on. 

By this, Noble Philippines did not waste time thinking twice on gearing up for the occasion and embracing the opportunity to exhibit its cutting-edge equipment tailor-made to optimize mechanized efforts within the manufacturing sphere with the highest quality machinery ever. A total of four (4) types of material handling equipment were shown under Noble Philippines; the scissor lifts, diesel counterbalanced forklifts, electric counterbalanced forklifts, and pallet stackers.

George Rayala, Noble Philippines’ business development manager, his team and the marketing department came eager to introduce Hangcha and its products to potential clients, and more so enkindle new relationships with the attendees at WorldBEX. “We participated in WorldBEX, number one, for exposure. So that they would know that Hangcha is already being managed by Noble Philippines. Number two, is for client networking. Para makakuha tayo ng malaking client base which I think we achieved. Number three is also to establish ‘yung presence ni Hangcha sa material handling industry, na meron nang Hangcha sa Pilipinas.” Rayala said.

When asked about the success of the event, Mr. Rayala attests the Noble Philippines booth performed beyond their expectations despite WorldBEX being their first ever exhibition. He goes on to underscore some of the highlights of what went right and what they’re considering to replicate in future events, “Yung edge natin is ‘yung sheer size ng booth natin. We got four spaces na 3×3, displayed four units…and then, we’re the only material handling equipment onsite.” No wonder, Noble Philippines was able to garner several leads and secure transactions for fleets and forklifts.

However, while it is still too early to count gains and losses, he along with the rest of the team continue to remain positive as they watch their efforts, slowly but surely, get rewarded by a number of unexpected solid inquiries. All of which, to their delight, are steadily being converted to “deals on track”.

As of writing, Noble Philippines is looking to join a transport and logistics event some time next year with even better manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture products.

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