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4-Wheel Forklift X Series

New generation of forklift with high power performance and productivity.

4 Wheel Forklift X Series - feature 2


The X series 1.0- to 3.5-ton forklift trucks are new-generation products by independent research and development based on former products of HANGCHA, with an overall upgrade in appearance molding, performance eciency, comfort, safety and maintainability.

Product Features

4 Wheel Forklift X Series

Fully closed operation plate space, tilting cylinder and flat bottom plate, providing more comfortable and safe operation

4 Wheel Forklift X Series - feature 2

New designed mast and the large open steel roof provide super visibility, it also can reduce risk of accidents

4 Wheel Forklift X Series - feature 3

Side roll out the battery can provides the fast, simple and safe solution for the operator

4 Wheel Forklift X Series - feature 4

Multi-function instrument with color screen, clear human-computer interaction interface for visualized reading

4 Wheel Forklift X Series - feature 5

Fingertip system (Opt.)


Overload protection device for electronics and hydraulics, conforming to safety specifications.

Compact truck shape, simplified appearance, vigorous and powerful.

Humanized design. Storing space, USB interface and others have been added.


AC controllers realize computer control in travelling, turning, lifting, inclining and other movements.

Fully opening covers are quite convenient for the maintenance motors and controllers.

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