Electric Tow Trucks

Granting users efficient ways of moving goods of different weights at the same time.

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A Series Electric Tow Tractor

The new A-Series Electric Tow Tractor by Hangcha offers advanced AC drive control technology. Moreover, it comes in two types: lead acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries. This innovation allows operators to enjoy excellent tow tractor performances, safe and secure operations, and little to no maintenance costs.

Grab a unit for yourself and make moving materials in and out of your facilities a favorable experience.

The A Series Tow Truck Are Also Made Available in Li-Ion Technology!

The A series tow tractor also comes in the reliable lithium-ion form. It runs on square lithium iron phosphate batteries and modules used in large quantities.

The modules on this one are made out of aluminum alloy frames which is known for its sturdy, lightweight, and heat dissipating qualities

Charging capacities are as high as 98% ; quick charging—fully charged in just 2 hours! Compared to electric forklifts, these lithium-ion tow tractors are good for long hours of work.

  • Safe and Effective
  • Rapid Charging
  • Perfect for Long Hours of Work
  • Green and Clean

Battery Pack Specifications

Model: QDD40-AC1-I, QDD40-AC1S-I, QDD60-AC1-I, QDD60-AC1S-I

Li-Ion Battery: 48/200

Titans Charger: SLC-48100

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Products Features

Firm and ever durable, the A series tow truck is specially designed for better material transporting experiences.

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LED Lighting

Easy Battery Maintenance

Modern Outline Design

Electric Park Brake System

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The A Series Electric Tow Tractor performs at high efficiencies, is safe, and reliable for transporting materials around workshops, flow lines, and large factories.