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Quality Farm Tractors

Experience a productive farming with high-level efficiency and reliability, powered by one of the best tractor manufacturers in the world.

4 – Wheel Tractors

Get the most modern agricultural tools in the farming industry. It has dual function clutch and power steering bringing the quality experience to the next level.

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2 – Wheel Tractors

DONGFENG Brand power tiller / two-wheel tractor is of dual-function type that can be used  as means of traction as well as drive. It is featured by its simple and compact structure, good reliability, long service life, easy operation, ample output, light weight and good cross-country ability.

Farm Implements

Supporting you in an efficient and productive farming through different functions like transporting soil, sand, feed to creating smooth finish of your lawn.

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Combine Harvesters

Bringing you a quality farming and harvest with 100% reliability and sustainability.