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Premium Forklifts

Experience our complete product range of the best and quality handling equipment solutions!

EC – Trucks

Giving you the best productivity you need through electricity. It has the best capacity to carry heavyweight load without compromising its power.

Rough Terrain – Trucks

Designed to work under disturbed surface of construction sites. Commonly used in natural environments while giving the best productivity of all-wheel drive functionality.

A Series IC Forklift Trucks

The best engine that fits application and conditions. These internal combustion truck has strong power to serve the capacity and productivity you need for forklift

X Series IC Forklift Trucks

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XF Series IC Forklift Trucks

Designed to maximize and optimize every engine model. It has high reliability to make greater productivity for your business operations.

Heavy IC Forklift Truck

Powerful internal combustion heavy lifter with high capacity and can handle large tonnage perfect for any industry that you need.

Reach Trucks

Material handling equipment that suit narrow aisle applications and can provide optimal visibility with exceptional stability, efficiency and reliability.