Hangcha Forklift Trucks By Noble Philippines

The long-awaited unveiling of our flagship brand is here! Discover Hangcha Forklift Trucks by Noble Philippines, directly sourced from China’s best R&D forklift manufacturer. 

Who is Hangcha Forklift Trucks?

Hangcha Forklift Trucks is a significant player in the forklift manufacturing industry. Starting as a small company in 1956, Hangcha is now currently one of the leading global material handling equipment manufacturers in China and globally. The company is renowned for distributing diverse forklifts and other reliable lifting solutions to various industries with different material handling needs. 

Their specialization in forklift R&D allows them to produce a comprehensive array of forklifts, including warehouse equipment, internal combustion forklifts, and electric forklifts. Hangcha Forklift Trucks has successfully established a global presence, with several awards and recognitions glued to its name. 

It joins other big companies in the list of 1000 “Biggest Enterprises,” top 500 “Most Competitive, and the top 500 “Biggest Private Enterprises” in China. Globally, they clinch the 8th position in sales volume, as acclaimed by Modern Material Handling magazine. This accomplishment is complemented by their robust manufacturing capacity, producing nearly 250,000 units of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment annually.

Noble Philippines Brings Hangcha Forklift Trucks to the Philippines

In our commitment to providing top-notch solutions, Noble Philippines is delighted to introduce Hangcha Forklift Trucks to the local market. Explore our featured products, the Internal Combustion (IC) Forklift, and the latest rave in the forklift industry, the Lithium-Ion Forklifts. Each is designed to elevate your material handling operations to new heights. Be sure to visit our website www.noblephils.com for more information.

A2 Series Internal Combustion Forklift

X Series Lithium-Ion Narrow Aisle Pantograph Reach Truck

XE Series Electric Forklift Truck With Lithium Power

Experience Excellent Material Handling Operations With Hangcha Forklift Trucks, Exclusively Brought To You By Noble Philippines.

Noble Philippines is an authorized distributor of “Hangcha Forklift Trucks” in the Philippines, serving as a one-stop shop for all your material handling and equipment needs. On top of that, the company also emphasizes the necessity of strong technical maintenance support to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the machinery we dispatch across the country. So, if you need electric forklifts, IC forklifts, or other specialized equipment, Hangcha Forklift Trucks is made available in the country through Noble Philippines. 

Our team is more than happy to answer your forklift requirements. Just fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.  

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