Who is Noble Philippines?

Noble Philippines, a fast-rising forklift distributor, emerged with a mission and commitment to revolutionize the material handling equipment sphere in the Philippines. The first and only material handling arm under Velco Asia Management Corporation’s expansive umbrella, Noble Philippines functions as a vital subsidiary whose contributions in the local forklift distributing sphere simply cannot be overlooked. 

Rooted in values of integrity, innovation, and customer-centricity, Noble Philippines is dedicated to providing access to the finest and most distinctive forklifts, thereby enriching the operations of Filipino businesses with unparalleled material handling products. Our core purpose is to create an environment that bridges that gap between discerning consumers and exceptional forklift equipment, ensuring each interaction  is an experience of unmatched quality and refinement.

This year, embark on an unparalleled journey with us as we prepare to bare our flagship forklift brand. Our soon-to-be unveiled portfolio is a testament to our meticulous curation, featuring a selection of high-end forklifts that redefine operational functionality. We bring you cutting-edge forklift technology, specially designed for the future! Each product is chosen for the transformative impact it brings to businesses. These are extraordinary trucks that elevate the standards of forklift efficiency in the country.

So buckle up, as Noble Philippines is set to offer forklift solutions crafted to enhance operational workflows, providing you with reliable and high-performing equipment that align with your goals. Be ready to explore our exclusive collection and elevate your business operations with the unveiling of our flagship forklift brand, Hangcha Forklift Trucks. Join us on this exhilarating journey toward efficiency without compromise. 

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